First Steps

Traveling Together

It may sound silly, but the first and most important step toward personal spiritual growth is the desire to grow. 

Spiritual Growth means that you are making progress. That Christ is being formed in you. That your attitudes, thoughts, actions, and character reflect those of Jesus Christ.

Wherever you're on your journey of faith, we hope that we can partner with you and help you follow Christ. We also know that everyone’s journey will not be the same. Your pathway may be different than someone else’s pathway. The important thing is that we all move towards Jesus Christ.

  • Alpha

    Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. No pressure. No follow up. No charge. At Alpha, you will share a meal, watch a DVD, and have a small group discussion. Alpha addresses the basic questions like what is life all about, who is God, who is Jesus, and why am I here? It's a great place to explore the claims of Christ and build relationships. Contact Me About Alpha

  • 1:1 Discipleship

    First Steps are for those who are just starting on their faith journey or want a refresher on the basics of spiritual discipleship. Participants, individuals or couples, are paired with a mentor or mentoring couple that walk with them through the 8-week First Steps study guide. Participants and mentors determine the days, time and place they meet.  Contact me about 1:1

  • Serving at Quest

    We offer many different opportunities to serve at Quest and in the community.  We will talk with you one- on-one to to find out your interests and skills and then try to plug you into serving opportunities that match.  Contact me about Serving