our historY

our beginning

In August 2006, pastor Bill Walker and his family moved to Bellefontaine to start a new church. Four months later, a group of 20 people formed Quest Community Church and began worshiping together at the Friendly Senior Center in Bellefontaine. 

From the beginning, we've focused on three keys things: 

  1. Worship
  2. Taking care of the kids
  3. Evangelism

the next years

Over the next few years, Quest grew so we purchased the current building in June 2009. After six months of renovations, we began worshiping in what is now the Quest Kids/Youth area in January 2010.

God continued to bless Quest and we expanded to two services in November 2011. We added the Saturday night service in March of 2013. In October 2015, we planted Quest Community Church Indian Lake. We moved into the new building addition in July of 2017.

We currently average 400 in weekly attendance, including 60+ kids in Quest Kids. God continues to bless Quest and many people start a relationship with Jesus and are baptized at Quest.