All living things grow. As followers of Christ, believers are called to grow and mature in our spiritual lives. Spiritual maturity is the process of recognizing our complete dependence on God and learning to rely on Him rather than ourselves. As we grow and mature in our relationship with Him, we realize how much we need Him.

Following Jesus isn’t just a one-time decision. It’s a daily process of growth. That growth is a biblical imperative. The expectation of Scripture isn’t that we grow old together, but that we grow up in Christ together. 

Spiritual growth comes from learning more about God and Jesus from studying and meditating on the Bible, talking with God in prayer, and sharing your faith with others.

Spiritual Growth Resources

Bible Reading Plans

A Bible reading plan can help you grow as a follower of Christ. The plan guides you through reading the Bible, so you can see God’s plan for this world and why it matters.

A Bible reading plan also helps you stay committed. It gives you goals and helps makes sure that you don’t just camp out on your favorite Bible passages. 

A reading plan that keeps God’s Word in front of you in a systematic and consistent way is a tool that God can use powerfully in your life.


Full Bible in a Year Plan

New Testament in a Year Plan

Bible Study Resources

Want to go a bit deeper in your Bible study? Below are some trusted Bible study websites and APPS.

Bible Study Resources

The Bible Project

Bible Hub

Bible Gateway

Got Questions

Prayer Resources

Most of us have asked the question, "What's the right way to pray?" We sometimes feel confused and even overwhelmed with we think about God listening to our prayers. We're afraid if we don't do it right that we'll disappoint Him. God wants us to pray humbly and from our hearts. Jesus gave us the model for prayer in Matthew 6:9:13. 

Here is a prayer model based on the Lord's Prayer.

ACTS Prayer Model

sharing your faith

Jesus commands us to go into the world and make disciples. Often we're unsure who we're to go to and how we're to go to them. We don't go because we don't think we know how to go. Below are a few ideas and resources to help you feel more confident and comfortable about going.

Easy Ways to Go to the World

The Way of the Master