Learn about Jesus & connect with Others

share, serve, strengthen

At Quest, we are intentional about learning about Jesus and connecting people with each other. We know that learning and connecting don't always happen so we've purposefully developed groups and ministries to help you share your life with others, serve the church and community, and strengthen your relationship with God.

Kirk Scott serves as our Connections & Discipleship Director. Contact him at connect@questchurchonline.com to get connect at Quest.


Here at Quest, we believe that life happens best in community!

And the best way to find that community at Quest, is through Life Groups. Life Groups are small groups of people from all ages and stages of life, and various places in their spiritual journey. They meet together to SHARE life, study the Word and deepen their relationship with Jesus.

If you're looking for a Life Group, click HERE to contact Kirk  He will help you navigate the process of  joining a group.

It may take a little courage to show up but we know once you’re there it will absolutely be worth it.


At Quest, we don't have committees; we have ministry teams that actively SERVE the church and others, People are encouraged to discover and use their Spiritual Gifts, talents and strengths in ministry.  To find out more about serving at Quest, contact Kirk at connect@questchurchonline.com.


At Quest we want to relentlessly pursue a transforming relationship with God. Investing time to read, ponder and apply the words of God spoken through the Bible will STRENGTHEN your relationship with God. When we spend time with God in the pages of Scripture, we will hear His voice and, naturally, be challenged to grow. This growth will eventually become visible as the transformation of our lives. It doesn’t happen overnight. But, we're intentional and invest our time, we will look more and more like a reflection of Christ for the world to see and experience!

Here are a couple ways you can connect with resources:

  1. You can check out a number of different Bible reading plans and apps on Bible Gateway.
  2. Contact a member of the Quest team for ideas and recommendations.